[ SALE 🌟 ] SHINee Pin Chara👾

[ SALE 🌟 ] SHINee Pin Chara👾
Self designed, obviously anti mainstream and it is SO Shawol!🙌🏻
Aku bikin design-nya sendiri yang pastinya ini antimainstream dan Shawol banget deh!🙌🏻
1 set got 5 pins, it is contains each members emoticon/character. Definitely, the cutest!😍
1 set dapet 5 pin, masing-masing menggambarkan emoticon/character tiap member. Pastinya lucu banget!😍
💰Price: 5 USD / set
💰Harga: 40,000/set.
Contact me if interested! 😁😁 — withloveshinee on twitter.



FF ONHO: Winter


Winter. onho. wc1258. pg13. fluff.

Bulan Desember, bulan di mana semua yang ada di bumi negara subtropis diselimuti udara beku berwarna putih. Setiap harinya udara terasa semakin minus, membuat semua orang mempertebal jaket mereka. Membungkus tubuh mereka agar tetap hangat saat di luar ruangan.

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160518 SHINee Oricon Interview

• source: oricon.co.jp/special/48974
• credit: keihissi (JP→Eng)


:: Five whole years since their (JP) debut passed in the blink of an eye.

Q: You have released your new song “Kimi no Sei de”, but you have promptly performed it already during your tour. How was the fans’ reaction?
Key: At first look, the title seems like it’s a ballad, and the lyrics also display the pain of a broken heart, but the tempo is that of a dance song. Honestly, memorizing a new choreography in the middle of the tour gave us some difficult times, but the fans’ reaction was very good and we are happy. Continue reading “160518 SHINee Oricon Interview”

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