FF ONKEY: Misunderstand – Drabble

Misunderstand – Drabble


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160518 SHINee Oricon Interview

• source: oricon.co.jp/special/48974
• credit: keihissi (JP→Eng)


:: Five whole years since their (JP) debut passed in the blink of an eye.

Q: You have released your new song “Kimi no Sei de”, but you have promptly performed it already during your tour. How was the fans’ reaction?
Key: At first look, the title seems like it’s a ballad, and the lyrics also display the pain of a broken heart, but the tempo is that of a dance song. Honestly, memorizing a new choreography in the middle of the tour gave us some difficult times, but the fans’ reaction was very good and we are happy. Continue reading “160518 SHINee Oricon Interview”

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