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Hello! This is my ONHO fic archive. Instead of recomendation, I would like just to archive them in one place so I can look back and re-read them. But it’s okay if you want to read them all too! All thanks and respect give to all these awesome authors who make all this fic! ❤❤

ps: all fics is not mine! all credit and work all goes to the authors. i just compile fic that i like in one place.

❤ = fav ;-;

Right Hand | G | Fluff, Romance  ❤

Tooth And Kisses | G | Fluff | Summary: Jinki needed to have his teeth pulled, but what he didn’t expect was for his heartstrings to be pulled as well.

Minho’s (Sequel to Accidental Bite) | NC-17 | Smut, Supernatural (vampire AU), Romance | Summary: Jinki is Minho’s. ❤ **yes this was a sequel but I only read the sequel just bcs… why not :p**

First Mistake | NC-17 | Office sex.
Summary: Minho messes up at his new job and has no idea what to expect from his boss, Jinki.

There’s Something About Jinki | PG |2 3 ❤
Summary: Onew really doesn’t understand what Choi Minho, football captain, loved by the student body as a whole, is doing talking to him, but he’d quite like him to stop. Being the butt of someone’s joke was never the point of Onew’s high school career.

Christmas Lattes | PG | Summary: Minho likes the smell of coffee when he walks into the coffee shop and he likes the guy at the counter, the one with the pretty smile and the tendency to drop things when Minho is watching him. 

Alternative Advances | PG-13 | AU, !forensic pathologist | implied!jongkey
Summary: One week later, Onew had ruined another Ralph Lauren shirt, spilled iodine solution on Minho’s levis, and, just now, had splashed ink onto his face and managed to get it in his eye.

Tell me what happens next | PG | post-Hogwarts au ❤
Summary: Jinki doesn’t stay awake all night thinking about what could have been and what is. He sleeps like a log most of the nights, unless Minho is home. On nights like those it gets too hot with a body next to him, arm draped over his shoulders and the covers on top of that.

Mailbox Meeting | PG15 | Genre: humor kind of I guess, friendship?, slice of life | bff!Minkey | Summary: Kibum was bitching too early in the morning. Minho really didn’t have time to put on clothes. 

No Words Spared | PG-15/R | au, fluff, angst | 1 2 3 ❤
Summary: It was a curious thought (which would come first, freezing or drowning?) that inopportunely introduced Minho to Lee Jinki.

What Was Lost | PG-15/R | au, fluff, angst | 1 2 3  ❤
Summary: (Sequel to No Words Spared) Intervening that day on the bridge was a decision Jinki would never regret. 

Creamy White Doubts | PG-13 | Warnings: mentions of sex, English is not my native language, slightly sensitive topic regarding low self-esteem/ dieting / etc …
Eunsook faces problems with her body and her self-esteem but her girlfriend Minjung is right there to pull her out from her ocean of doubts. 

Pull me back, Pull me closer | NC-17 | Warnings : explicit sexual content
Summary : It’s been four years. And Eunsook thought she was over Choi Minjung, but a certain fateful encounter proves her otherwise. 

Love Virtually | PG | AU/Fluff. | 1 2 3  ❤
Summary: Jinki, not having experienced love before, wants to know what it feels like to be in love. He decides to sign up on a matchmaking site, where he meets Minho, who is completely against the idea of love. Together, they exchange e-mails and as their inbox fills up, their hearts do too. But how “real” is their love?

Fly Me | PG-13 | Summary: If Onew is ever going to make it as a professional Cabin Attendant for a successful airline, then he will probably have to overcome his intense fear of flying someday. 

Cruising Altitude | NC-17 | Epilogue to Fly Me; won’t make sense without having read that first. 

Chocolate Kisses? | PG-13 | Summary: Taemin and Minho want to know if Jinki really tastes like chocolate~ 8D 

Failed Punishment? | NC-17 | slight Minho/Taemin
Summary: Um… Jinki catches Minho and Taemin 8D and um yeah… he tries to punish Minho? XDDDD | Warnings: Jinki!topping Minho

Best Place | PG | AU/Fluff
Summary: After two years, Jinki comes back home for Christmas and doesn’t realise that this will be his best Christmas yet. 

I Tira Miss You | G |Fluff, slight humour | Summary: Of four Italian restaurant employees, one really odd customer and one very stimulating tiramisu.

A Wonderful Surprise | PG-13 | AU/Romance. | 1 2 ❤
Summary: When Minjung bumps into a pretty girl at the coffee shop, she doesn’t know that she’ll be seeing her again. That is, until she goes to the hospital and finds out that she’s the new nurse Minjung’s been assigned to train.

Scarlet.| NC-17 | PWP. ❤
Summary: Eunsook falls into writer’s block when her editor demands her to “spice things up” in her latest creation. Minjung, her ever so lovely assistant, decides to help.

see | G  | Summary: minjung can’t see something clearly

Movie Date. | PG. | Summary: Minho constantly invites Jinki out to watch a movie, however, all Jinki does is reject him. 

tourist | PG-13 | fluff, angst | eunsook/minjung ❤ **sad but i love TTTT**

Eunsook is in an awkward position… | PG-13 | humor, fluff | drabble

sugar mama | R/NC-17 | Warnings: pwp, age gap (and play), sugar mama
Summary: Eunsook loves her life.

KISS | PG-13 | high school au, romance/fluff | eunsook/minjung

eunsook/minjung | PG-13

Red Riding Wolf | NC-17 | eunsook/minho ❤

With a Girl | NC-17 | Femmeslash | Warning: Alcohoooool, unbeta’d
Summary: Eunsook is drunk. Minjung can’t help herself  

Frappe Flavored Kisses | PG | Minho/Eunsook  ❤

Eunsook is pampered by her boyfriend. | R | fluff smut | drabble

Minho finds something in his laundry that belongs to his pretty neighbor Eunsook. | PG-13 | fluffy fluff | long drabble ❤

curse | R | Warnings: pwp, crack, ridiculously long
Summary: Eunsook watches a cursed video and it ‘deforms’ her body. Minjung is always willing to help unnie any way she can.

Collar | NC-17 | BDSM | eunsook/minho

Age Play | NC-17 | warnings: age play, teacher-student relationship, girl!minho

softly, through the darkness (i.e cuddle onho) | G | Summary: Sometimes Minho felt as if he was only ever truly himself, truly content and at peace, when he was with people he loved. ❤

personal grooming | PG | barbershop!au; onho ❤

Undercover Beauty | least PG-13, edging on R | Summary: Minjung is a voyeur. 

Vast Tracts of Land | PG-15 to R (?) | eunsook/minjung ❤

Uncompetitive | PG-13 | failcrack, fluff | Summary: Passing the first place runner is the most important thing; screw second place. 

Christmas: A Step-by-Step Manual on How to Believe | G | Summary: In which Minho doesn’t believe in many things, like lunch breaks and selfless people and Christmas, and Jinki doesn’t believe him. 

Tiny Tokki [13/13] | G | so fluff cute and fluff ;-; | Summary: It was just a normal Monday. Nothing special. He was still lonely Minho. With only one friend and an older brother who didn’t talk to him. He didn’t mean anything to anyone, until he found something, or someone, on the way home from school that showed him he did mean something to someone.

The Difference Between Endurance and Resignation: Networking 101 | R | Warnings: Brief mention of pornography. | 1 2  [tbc like forever;;] 

Don’t worry, baby | PG | fluff, drabble | Summary: Jinki can’t sleep

Love Like Oxygen | PG-15

Stumped | PG-13 | friendship!Onew/Minho | Warnings: Suicide attempt, unbeta’d
Summary: Jinki think’s there’s nothing to lose when nobody knows his name, but Minho does. And it messes up with everything.

On dresses and unspoken rules | NC-17 | onew/minjung

special birthday fic – 9th of December PG -13 | angst, romance | Summary: it was the worst birthday of his life —sequel— 14th of December  PG-13 | romance, angst | Summary: it’s the best birthday of his life

Seaside | PG-15 | Romance, Fantasy | Warnings: mentions of wounds/being wounded 
Summary: Jinki and Jonghyun save a person from drowning; problem is, the man isn’t so human.

Code Dreams | PG | fluff, coding java | Summary: In which Jinki is a college student taking computer science courses and his life changes when he meets Minho. 

Onho’s drabbles by choifrogie — some fluffy and cheesy like a cheese cake onho’s drabbles | all of them are cute, fluff and adklsjjkalk u gotta read them all ;-; 

Sleeping Beauty | G | romance, humor | onew/minjung | Summary: In which Minjung saves a prince and Jinki is awkward. 

Lost with you | PG | Romance. AU | Summary: They are lost; together.

Light up my darkness (overshadow your sun) [3/…. unfinished] | [M] | Warning: non-con/dub-con, torture, slavery, BDSM and more to come. | Summary: Jinki’s waited his entire immortal life to take over the shining throne of the Seelie court, but his mother, the Queen of Light and Air, would rather die than let a man assume the throne. Or better yet, have him die and let his twin sister, Sunyoung, take over in his stead. Luckily for her the King of Lies and Shadows would gladly take her son off her hands.

Things we couldn’t see [5/5] | PG-13 | fluff, romance | Summary: Minho is the new guy in the apartment building, but his next door neighboor, Onew, is the most welcoming guy around. And yet, there’s something very strange about him.

Telepathy [2/2] | PG-13 | fluff, romance ;~; ❤

Even Though | G | sappy, cheesy, corny, romantic fluff | Warning: C H E E S Y | Summary: Jinki the fanboy attended Eric Benet’s concert.

Bestfriends? Yeah right. | PG-13 | Summary: Everyone knows that Minho and Jinki are best friends, but these two girls always hope it was more than that.

Seunsaeng-hyung, Marry Me | PG | Romance, Fluff | Warning : Agegap! Chibi!Minho, Taemin, Key, Jonghyun & Teacher!Onew | Summary : After watching a cheesy romance drama, little Minho wants to do the same thing like in that drama. . .He’s going to propose his crush! And little Jjong and Bummie had fight. What will Jinki Seunsaeng-hyung do to them?

track practice | PG-13 | as fluffy as marshmallows. i hate marshmallows. | Summary: minjung really hates track practice. 

stuck | PG | humor, fluff | minho/eunsook

eunsook/minho | NC-17 | high school au | Warnings: student-teacher relationship! | Summary: in short, her uniform straining across her chest but officially called, hot for teacher 

You Should be Mine | NC-17 | eunsook/minjung ❤

Hoodie and Cuddles Combination | PG-13 | fluff ;-; | eunsook/minjung ❤

Mondays | PG-15 | fluff, high school au | Summary: In which Eunsook hates Mondays, but Minjung is there to brighten the day up.

The Man Behind the Camera [16/16] | PG-15 | fluff, romance | Summary: Where Jinki is a photographer, and Minho is his model more times then he would like him to be. 

a Story about How I Loved Only One Person | PG-13 | fluff | Summary: A morning, clear and bright. Two cups of coffee. One lonely person.

a Love Like Theirs | PG | fluff, old!onho | Summary: And well it’s just old sweeties onho and their 3 grandbabies going to the zoo.

Age is But a Number [8/8] | PG-15 | Warnings: huge age gap, teacher-student relationship | Summary: Minho learns that his parents aren’t very happy with his college entrance exams, even though he receive more than enough to get into the Universities he wants to. In order to improve his score his parents decide to get him a tutor. Minho get’s more than he bargined for.

Summer Days | PG-13 | Summary: For Eunsook, summer days were mostly tiring and boring. But when a girl with bright red hair entered Junghee’s garage, that changed. 

The First Kiss Campaign [16/16] | PG-15 | fluff, romance, college au | Summary: Jinki is a studious young man in his third year of university. Most people would describe him as clumsy, plain and boring, which he couldn’t really blame them for. He has always been a straight A student, doing whatever is expected of him and he never really had a problem with anything. Until he fell in love with a kiss. 

One Fine Day | PG-15 | fulff, romance | Summary: Minho finds himself drawn to the blonde man that keeps visiting his book shop.

Little Bit of Rain | Pg-13 | fluff, romance | Summary: Minho never realized how small Jinki’s hands were until…

Signs | PG-13 | fluff | Summary: An assessment of compatibility leads to a heated discussion. 

I’m in Love with the Easter Bunny | PG-13 | fluff, easter bunny!onew, human!minho | Summary: Jinki watchs him grow up, but he’s never supposed to talk to the children, let alone start to care for them. He leaves letters every year, no matter if he can’t physically talk with the boy. He’s immortal, and Minho is human; temporary, but Jinki soon finds out that he’s everything but that in his heart as the tiny 3 year old grows up to be the tall Man walking up to him to leave his previous life.

Please Just One Look | PG-13 | fluff, romance | Summary: There once was a man that lived in a huge castle all alone. He had been cursed since birth, that anyone who ever looked him in the eye would be immediately turned to stone. He had lived alone for years, ever since he was 16 and his mother had forgotten to not look him in the eye. But then a man happened open his castle, freezing from the cold winter, and he couldn’t allow the man to freeze. He just didn’t know that the man held much more than a one night visitor.

Unexpected Surprises [2/2] | PG-13 to M | romance, smut | Warnings: light BDSM, spanking | Summary: a typical morning suddenly gets a whole lot less typical when Minho unexpectedly discovers one of Jinki’s fetishes. Just what will he do with this new, sexy information? 

Practice Makes Perfect | PG-13 | fluff, romance | Summary: Onew finally tied his skates all by himself…

All because of a Bet [6/6] | PG-13 | fluff | Summary: All because of a bet they fall in love

Scared Little Rabbit [3/3] | PG-15 | fluff, high school au | Summary: Minho realizes that Jinki is actually….kinda a badass.

Next Door Neighbor | PG-13 | fluff | Summary: Eleven year old Jinki finds a new friend in the forest.

Humming Birds [3/3] | PG-13 | fluff, calm

Of Ponytails and a Disinterested Jinki [2/2] | PG-15 | fluff, romance | Summary: Jinki isn’t really interested in sex and Minho needs to cut his hair. 

Untitled Drabble | PG | genderbend, drabble, fluff | Summary: Minho lost his grip on the soccer ball he’d been carrying and watched, in dreaded slow motion, as the ball bounced once and then hit Eunsook squarely in the face.

in your eyes | PG-13 | fluff | Summary: Jinki and Minho are in love

Best Play | PG | fluff ;-;, drabble | Summary: Jinki doesn’t like soccer, or the attention the players are getting from his boyfriend. 

The Task of Asking Out Jinki–hyung | PG-13 | fluff ;-; | Summary: Who knew asking Jinki out would be so hard? Pre-Lucifer era. 

Second Kiss | PG-13 | fluff | Summary: Onew acts as if it’s nothing but he was actually depress by the fact that he still wasn’t got picked by a noona after the 9th episode of YunHaNam. Not to mention that his first kiss was stolen by a sheep. 

waking up lee jinki | PG | drabble

heart for 2 | PG-13 | Sum: Basically Jinki feels invisible and doesn’t believe Minho could really like him.

concept of love | PG-13 | Sum: Minho is chasing after an idea.

and you can’t lose what you never had | G

Home is Where the Heart is [2/2] | PG-13 | Sum: When the main character declares murderous intent against his best friend and starts running around with a flame-thrower, Jinki speaks again. “I want a house.”

Ignorance is NOT bliss | PG | Sum: Minho tries to make Onew happy again.

One-Thousand and One Nights | PG-13 | Sum: It takes three wishes and one slightly strange genie for Minho to finally figure out what he wants. ❤

don’t wanna if you’re not | G

Work It Out | PG | Sum: “I’ll be your buddy for the next few weeks,” Jinki announces.

Reprise | romance

Strangers In The Night | smut | Sum: Strangers were exciting! Their mystery never ends. 

Night Nurse [32/32] | het!onho (minjung/jinki) | smut overall | Sum: Onew was in a major car accident that will leave him in the hospital for a number of months. Thankfully he has two lovely nurses to look after him, and keep him entertained. Choi Minjung, and Kim Gwiboon.

Khow Thy Name [14/14] | het!onho (eunsook/minho) | smut overall | Sum: Meet Eunsook, the Courtesan who wasn’t a Courtesan…

Sex Shop Cutie | smut | Sum: In which Minho has a huge crush on the cute cashier at the sex shop down street.

All That She Wants or: Love At First Sight | eunsook/minjung | smut | Sum: In which Eunsook is a model who captures her photographer’s heart ❤

I Don’t Have A Title For This | het!onho (minjung/onew) | smut | Sum: After being married for about a month Onew begins to think of the obligations he should fulfill for Minjung

Kill Me or Kiss Me | smut | Sum: Jinki is a dark fae with poisonous skin, and Minho can’t help but touch

Desire | smut | Sum: Jinki felt deep curiousity about this “fanfic” that the fans writing about k-idols and one day he decide to read one. He found himself totally addict and spent pratically every hour he could reading, especially fanfics about a certain dongsaeng and he.

My Missing Moon [10/10] | smut

Poor neighbors. | smut

Violet Roses | smut | Sum: a barista finally crosses paths with the florist he’s been longing after

Sunshine | smut | Sum: Jinki’s just like a sunshine, and Minho’s too care if he gets burned. ❤

onho | fluff ;-;

Ready or not (here it comes) | jinki/minjung & eunsook/minho | PG | Sum: Two different takes on becoming parents. ❤

Afternoon Scandal | eunsook/minjung | NC17 | Sum: skipping school has new dangers that aren’t exactly unenjoyable. ❤

Another Morning (I’ll wake up with you) | eunsook/minho

Unexpected | eunsook/minjung

eunsook and minjung go to beach…  ❤

eunsook/minjung | PG-13 | drabble ❤

Lips | eunsook/minho | PG-13 | drabble | Sum: “kiss my lips.” ❤

eunsook and minjung shopping… | G | drabble 

eunsook and minjung clothes shopping… | PG-13 

Perfect Gentlemen | eunsook/minho | smut | Sum: Eunsook was wise enough to know that not all boys were incapable of addressing the most prominent part of her anatomy. In fact, there were two very charming young men who consistently looked her directly in the eye without the underlying subtext of “oh God don’t stare at her tits do not stare at her tits”.

To Whom it May Concern [10/10] | PG-13~NC-17 | Sum: Jinki had spent all his high school career focusing solely on the academic side of it. He was neither social butterfly nor a popular guy, will this final year be any different? ❤

All that bravery got us nowhere | PG-13 | Sum: Minho and Jinki have their differences.

And Then I Met You | Sum: When Jinki came home for the break before the last semester of university was about to start, he expected it to go over like it normally did. 

Premature Ventricular Contractions  | het!onho (eunsook/minho) | [10/10]

Deaf in the Water | Sum: Minho had never counted himself lucky to be deaf, until his ship encountered a mermaid and he was the only one able to save his crew. 

diphylleia curse | Sum: Jinki is a witch that likes to experiment. Minho is a wizard that needs help breaking a curse. ❤

Beachy | het!onho (jinki/minjung) | Sum: in which jinki is sleepy n minjung luvs mermaids

All-Seeing Eyes | het!onho (eunsook/minho) | Sum: Minho really didn’t like going to Eunsook’s place. Of course, he loved being with his girlfriend, but.. They were there.

Counterflow | Sum: Jinki is the creator, M.I.N.H.O is his creation. ❤

Honey Voice | Sum: Minho who falls for a certain boy and Jinki who is very boy.

An Act of Dominance [12/12+ep] | werecats/alpha/beta/smut |  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Epilogue

Thunder and Lightning [3/3] | smut/supernatural | Sum: Jinki and Minho have been paired together for centuries, not that either of them can control it, being the gods of thunder and lightning. You can’t have one without the other, as much as Jinki would like it otherwise… or so he would make it seem. ❤

Black Coffe | Sum:  Still trying to figure out what he was going to order—he hadn’t been to a coffee shop in at least two years—he overheard the tall man in front of him placing his order. “Grande coffee, black.” ❤

// new

Let Me Listen to You | G | short and sweet ;w;

Look Only At Me | nc-17 | smut | set in Lucifer era

Strawberries | mature

“Don’t touch me. We’re fighting.” | PG-13? | Sum: Minho isn’t out to his parents and Jinki’s hurt by the kiss his bf’s parents make him do to the girl he took as his date to appear straight. ❤

Fixing You | PG-13 to R? it’s has some suicide thought.. | kinda angst? but it’s romance tho.. ;w; | Sum: What happens when the one you love doesn’t have the will to continue? How can you help? What to do? Lee Jinki R.N. has been faced with this realization after a mysterious man has been brought into his hospital unconscious. Will his feelings develop… will his feelings be returned? Read on to find out… ❤

opposites attract so let me be the fire to your ice baby | PG-13

when the clock strikes twelve | G

Those Smiles | PG | drabble | flufffff ;A;

Church Donation | PG-13 | Sum: A man comes to donate high fashion clothes to church where Minho works.

this is how it starts | PG-13 ❤

walking in the air | PG-13 | romance | i love hurt ;;; ❤

in dreams | G | drabble | Sum: Jinki is sleepy and needs cuddles

even in dreams (love still goes on) | PG | sleep walking !!! ;A; ❤

love in silence | PG | Sum: No words were spoken; they know they are in love. ❤

“Hey…” | PG | Romance, angst, fluff, slice-of-life | Sum: In which Minho misses a call from a wrong number, and finds out how sometimes, some things can only be said over the phone. And of those times, some things can only be said when you think no one is listening. ❤

Does this dress make me look fat | PG | drabble

the way we love [7/7] | PG-13 

evolution | NC-17 | Sum: He’s afraid to take a chance.

knocking on your door | R | stalkerish!ming | Sum: Jinki just wants to be left alone. ❤

domesticity and a beach | R | Sum: minho motions for jinki to join him, but jinki shakes his head with a soft smile. jinki has scarred himself away from children. minho insists he come anyway, smile never faltering as he waves frantically and jinki loves him all the more for it. he shakes his head again. minho pouts dramatically and jinki laughs loud enough over the waves for minho to hear.


Now I’ve Got Double, Baby | NC-17 | smut | eunsook/minjung/gwiboon | Summary: Eunsook gets way more than she bargained for when she arrives at Gwiboon’s house one Tuesday afternoon to tutor her. 

Girl Time | PG | Summary: Gwiboon, Minjung, and Eunsook take a much needed trip to a ski resort for winter break. 


This Time OnlyPlease? | les!onho, les!jongkey | smut //4some kinda thing???// 


Pink | PG | Summary: Very inspired by the fact that all of SHINee has had pink hair except our dearest Minho (to my knowledge) 

[[ Indonesia ]]

White December | T | angst/romance **really angsty no sht /sobS TTTT**

by choifrogie : Too Lucky to Have You – The Beginning of All – The New Journey | fluff, too sweet to handle, pokoknya harus banget dibaca! ;-; ❤

~**~ yes, i’m an eunsook trash ~**~

Mistress Eunsook | NC-17 | Warning: Eunsook and Jinki have kinky sex. Eunsook whips Jinki with a whip. Jinki has anal sex with Eunsook. Name calling. Dirty talk. Dominate Eunsook. 

Mr. & Mrs. Perfect | NC-17 | Onew/Eunsook ❤

Teddy Bear | NC-17 | Eunsook/Gwiboon ❤

Guess What | NC-17 | eunsook/gwiboon | Warning: Squirtiing

candy store AU | fluff | Gwiboon/Eunsook

bakery, rejection, lipstick | PG | eunsook/key

Let the Light in (Luminescene) | PG | Ridiculous fluff, dentists would not advise | eunsook/taeyeon | Summary: Taeyeon sparkles like fairy lights and soft lips and pink hair and Eunsook glows like friendship and cuddles and the hidden sparkle in emeralds and diamonds. 

Relief | NC-17 | smut | Gwiboon/her hand, hinted Gwiboon/Eunsook
Summary: Gwiboon fantasizes about her schoolmate, Eunsook. It’s pretty much exactly what you think it is.

Cure | NC-17 | smut, fluff, romance | Eunsook/Gwiboon | Summary: Gwiboon finally has an excuse to see Eunsook outside of their shared study hall. sequel to Relief.

Eternity: [hiatus]Set in the summer of 1913 when Eunsook is 18 and Gwiboon is 16. Eunsook and her mother work year round at the Kim’s summer home. Eunsook and Gwiboon have been friends since they were little girls- each summer bringing them closer. Eunsook finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love with Gwiboon, though she knows that she’s meant to fall for a man. 

Chapter 1PG | Chapter 2PG | Chapter 3 R | Chapter 4PG | Chapter 5PG-13

the real ideal | PG | fluff | kibum/eunsook | Summary: “Expressing herself was also out of the question.”

All The World’s A Stage, Let’s Make Life A Musical | NC-17 | musicaltheater!au – body issues – self harm – smut | Kibum/Eunsook ❤

Summarry: She loved being on stage when no one else was around. She had an excuse to be there for now, considering the play’s opening night was just a week away. Her long hours could be explained away as perfectionism, but really, she just liked to play.

  [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07] [08] [09] [10]

blind | PG-15 | au | key/eunsook | Warnings: genderswitch, a tiny hint of smut, ~bending reality

Decent Bad Girl | NC-17 | smut | Gwiboon/Eunsook

Wake Up Call | NC-17 | eunsook/gwiboon

All of Me | PG-15 | eunsook/gwiboon

mistake | NC-17 | eunsook/taemin | 12

My, Oh My! | R | eunsook/taeyeon

The Truth About What’s Pretty | eunsook/taeyeon | Sum:  She wants to feel jealous of Taeyeon’s perfect skin, her small face and delicate wrists, but Eunsook knows better.

Rebound | Jinki/Eunsook & Jinki/Gwiboon | smut | Sum: “Is it really any different from a one night stand? It’s just two strangers helping each other out,” Gwiboon reasoned, her eyes sparkling at the very thought.

Rise and… | Eunsook/Mystery lover | PWP, AU | NC-17 | Sum: First installment of Two Day Tales:  in which Jinki, Eunsook (Jinki’s twin), Jonghyun, Kibum, Minho and Taemin have grown up and branched out from each other. The directions they have taken entail the people they have become; life has been both friend and foe. But one weekend rolls around, and the six, who have been separated, are reunited once again…in direct and indirect ways. These are their stories. | Warnings: oral sex. ❤ // new



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