160518 SHINee Oricon Interview

• source: oricon.co.jp/special/48974
• credit: keihissi (JP→Eng)


:: Five whole years since their (JP) debut passed in the blink of an eye.

Q: You have released your new song “Kimi no Sei de”, but you have promptly performed it already during your tour. How was the fans’ reaction?
Key: At first look, the title seems like it’s a ballad, and the lyrics also display the pain of a broken heart, but the tempo is that of a dance song. Honestly, memorizing a new choreography in the middle of the tour gave us some difficult times, but the fans’ reaction was very good and we are happy.

Q: Of course, when we say SHINee, there would be a dance to be observed along with the song. Please tell us the important points of your dance.
Key: It is pretty intense.
Taemin: We expressed the pain reflected in the lyrics through our dance, so please do watch it closely.

Q: This June you would be entering your fifth year (of Japan activities), what do you reminisce from your journey since your debut?
Jonghyun: But it’s been only five years!

Q: That’s to say, your five years passed in the blink of an eye?
Minho: It went by really fast.
Key: (seriously) A lot of things happened.
Onew: But, it was a good five years!
Key: Watching once more the footage of our previous tour, it feels like we SHINee have gradually but steadily grown up. As such, we ourselves look forward to what SHINee will become hereafter. We don’t know what will happen in the future, but we think there will be a lot of things that will happen from now on. So we all look forward to it with eagerness, and even now our feeling of excitement is really great.

Q: But then, if you are to give one memory that left you the most impression or the event that gave you happiness…?
Taemin: Talking about SHINee’s activities, of course it’s got to be Tokyo Dome. But if we talk about a personal memory that left me the most impression, it would be the times I went to the onsen/hot springs with the members, the times we ate delicious food together–Japan gave us a lot of experiences/feelings.
Key: I also felt really happy when we were touring all over Japan. Even if it’s traveling, isn’t it kind of difficult?
Minho: Also, during the tour there were a lot of times when we rode the bus, so it really feels like we’re in a trip and we enjoyed it.

Q: What about Onew-san?
Onew: For me it’s when we are able to have our own dorm in Japan.
Jonghyun: Me, too
Onew: Before that we had to spend our time in a hotel, so I was happy when we’re able to have our own space.
Jonghyun: In Korea, I was more active in spending time, like going out with friends, etc. But here in Japan, I’m almost always relaxing in my room.

Q: It’s important to relax whenever you have time in the middle of your hard schedules.
Jonghyun: Yes, I think it’s really essential.


:: That time of great crisis, when one member is missing as they stand on stage

Q: In those five years, did you have a moment when it was tough and difficult?
Jonghyun: (right away) Travelling by bus.
Everyone: (LOL!)
Onew: After a concert, when I couldn’t sleep despite being so tired, was tough.
Minho: I don’t really feel anything like that.
Jonghyun: My hips hurt so I couldn’t relax. I really hate it.
Taemin: For me it’s when we take a flight from Korea to Japan and then we have to go to work immediately. It’s difficult. Just like now (LOL).
Minho: Yesterday after the concert, Taemin was considerably tired.

Q: We’re sorry (for doing this) while you’re tired.
Taemin: No, no, I’m just joking (LOL).

Q: Since during SHINee’s concert, you’re in full power from start to finish. What about Key-san?
Key: For me (the most difficult time) was when we have a member missing. Recently, there was a time when Jonghyun was in bad health, and we had to stand on stage as four.
Taemin: It was also quite sudden.
Key: It happened all of a sudden, and honestly, even though it was a big pinch, instead of being difficult, it’s just that we wanted one more (to stand with us).
Taemin: We couldn’t change the formation, too, so it was troubling for us how we’d do (the choreography) as four.
Key: But, on the other hand, there wouldn’t be anyone who can fill in for Jonghyun. On the stage, Jonghyun was really, truly missed (LOL).

Q: So you fully realized how big Jonghyun’s existence is (to the group)?
Key: Yes, it was like, “We want to see Jonghyun right now!!”
Jonghyun: (laughing hard)

Q: Just like a pair of lovers, right?
Key: That moment, it felt just like that. For us, Jonghyun is someone who is indispensable, and Jonghyun seemed to have also felt regretful and guilty towards us. At the last day he cried.
Jonghyun: Who, me?
Key: Yes.
Jonghyun: I don’t remember that.
Key: Eh!! You cried!!
Jonghyun: Um…yeah.
Everyone: (LOL!)

Q: What about Minho-san?
Minho: For me it’s when I have to remember Japanese lyrics for the first time. Presently, I’ve become used to it so it’s okay, but at first it was difficult.


:: Their Japanese activities were possible thanks to the foundation their senpais BoA, Tohoshinki, etc. built in Japan

Q: Also, you debuted in Japan your sunbae from your company, like Tohoshinki and Boa, are successful in Japan. Did you feel any pressure?
Jonghyun: Not at all! That’s because we cannot compare to each other!
Key: Actually, the fact that we are able to do activities in Japan like this is thanks to our sunbaes’ efforts. We are able to stand in the dome, we are able to hold a concert because our sunbaes have laid the foundation for us. To show our gratitude, we want to repay them by showing that we work hard. It would be nice if our feelings of gratitude would reach them.
Onew: I feel the same way.
Taemin: We’re thankful to them from the bottom of our hearts.

Q: I think that SHINee exerts considerable effort in order to evolve as a group.
Key: While it is important to do activities by choosing good songs, when it comes to our yearly concert tour, I think that the concert itself is important. Standing on stage and doing our best as five members, if we concentrate (our efforts) there, we’ll be able to move the people watching. It’s like somehow we’re able to give them something, is what I think.

Q: What do you cherish as a group?
Onew: Health.
Key: Um, the concerts/live performances, right?
Jonghyun: Not violating each other’s spaces
Key: A, this is important, right? Actually, when we began to live together, there wouldn’t be a day when we wouldn’t fight. I think it’s something that can’t be helped when you have five men under one roof. However, because of that time, we’re able to understand each other well, and naturally, we stopped fighting eventually.

Q: What kind of fights did you have?
Key: Mostly trivial things, right? For example, who will shower first, who will be the to clean, etc. Since we all have our own paces, it was hard to sync with each other at first.

Q: During those times, who finalizes things/finishes the argument?
Jonghyun: No one?
Key: That’s right. Everyone would go, “It’s you! It’s you!” and impose responsibility on each ther (LOL)

Q: How would you reconcile after that? Do you have any secrets or something?
Jonghyun: Just time. After a day, we’ll be speaking again as if nothing happened.
Key: Before we realize it, we’ll be going “Did you eat?”, engaging in normal conversation and reconciling. Since we’re men, it’s kind of embarrassing to let the awkwardness continue, so we just forget about it.

Q: No one says sorry?
Key: There is someone like that.
Taemin: (raises hand) Ah, that would be me. I will immediately apologize, saying “It’s my mistake.”
Everyone: (LOL)

Q: Is that because you are the youngest?
Key: No, I think it’s just because of his personality.
Onew: Because he is kind.
Taemin: Everyone is kind.
Minho: Yes, everyone in SHINee is kind.
Key: Well, I think there is no one here who is bad. Including our trainee days, we’ve been together for 10 years or so, so we know about each other’s thoughts and moods. Year by year, our relationship with each other just grows better, I think.

Q: In Korea, you are already considered as veteran artists, yet despite that you are still able to maintain a fresh, novel feeling and that is amazing.
Key: I think that’s because of SHINee’s individuality–consciously searching for something new, adopting the trends, and making sure we show a fresh feeling all the time. But of course, since we’ve been doing this for about ten years, that’s really something that’s natural to us.
Jonghyun: We are still young, though.
Onew: (suddenly) Not really (LOL)
Minho: We’re young!
Key: Instead of feeling we’re young….it’s more like we’re all children (LOL).


:: Among the members, the one who is known for impulsive buying is…. Taemin’s unexpected behavior detected

Q: By the way, following the lyrics in “Kimi no Sei de” there is a line that says, “The closet in my room”. What kind of feeling does your closet have?
Jonghyun: Mine is black.
Key: Jonghyun really wears black clothes all the time.

Q: What about Onew-san?
Onew: Inside my closet, there’s practically no clothes left. That’s because my clothes are outside in a heap (LOL). I’m bad at keeping things orderly and tidy, so I just choose whatever I will wear for the day from the mountain of clothes (LOL).
Minho: Inside my closet, there are a lot of white and black clothes. Unlike Onew-kun, I choose my clothes for the day from inside my closet (LOL).
Taemin: My closet is ordinary. It’s common to find gray-colored stuff. The contents are quite neat, I think. If there is clothes I like, I wear it over and over until it steadily becomes worn out (LOL)

Q: What about Key-san?
Key: Even if I don’t say it, I think you know how my closet will feel like.

Q: Colorful clothes, and your closet filled to capacity? But won’t just a closet be not enough?
Key: Because of that, when I moved residences, I requested the agent to let me use the biggest room as my cloet. So practically, the biggest room in my house is used as a closet.

Q: As expected from a fashionista. Also, there is a line in the song about impulse buying. Is there someone who is an impulsive buyer? Or someone who is the type to be careful in buying?
Jonghyun: I’m the impulsive buying type. But I rarely go out to go shopping.
Key: When we’re in Japan, Jonghyun rarely goes outside.
Jonghyun: I mean when I’m in that place and I decide I want to buy something, I end up buying it.
Onew: I am with Jonghyun.
Minho: As for me, I’m the type who thinks hard first before buying anything else, but when it comes to soccer stuff I unbearably am the impulse buying type. Even if the design has just slightly changed or there’s been a small upgrade, I will buy it without hesitation. Because of that, my closet will be filled with similar items.
Taemin: At times I’d decide and tell myself, “Let’s go impulse buying today!” but when I cannot find stuff that I’m interested in, I will force myself to find something that I can consider the best so I can buy it. I’d suggest myself, “Hey this is something I can be interested in,” buy it, then go home (LOL).

Q: But on the contrary, what if you don’t plan on buying anything and find something you like?
Taemin: I will control myself and not buy. I will tell myself that I just find it nice and want it now, and tell myself to give up buying it (LOL)
Key: When I find an item I like, I take a photo of it and send it to my friends to ask how it is. And then probably think of whether I should buy it for the entire day.


:: Mail faction?! Direct discussion with the members whenever something happens.

Q: That is really unexpected. We thought that Key would definitely be the impulsive buying type.
Key: That’s true. Before, I was that type of person. But recently, I’ve been taking care so I won’t buy things right away without thinking.
Onew: But…after thinking you would still buy it (LOL)
Key: That’s why, in the end I’m just the same (LOL)

Q: Do you also ask the members about (your buying)?
Key: I do.

Q: Have you ever told a member, “You already bought too much so you should stop now.”
Onew: I don’t say that. Key loves fashion, so even though we tell him to stop we know he’d still buy them.

Q: That is an understanding gained from 10 or so years, right?
Jonghyun: No, it’s just that it’s Key’s money anyway (LOL)
Key: But still, I ask various people about how I can shop inexpensively, so as to make sure I lessen the burden. Also, when I told Jonghyun, “I want this,” he splendidly bought it.
Jonghyun: (acting as if it weren’t about him) Eh, is that so?!
Key: During my birthday, you bought me a coat.

Q: How generous.
Jonghyun: It’s because it’s his birthday (LOL).

Q: During your birthdays, do you greet or send each other presents?
Key: Yes. We give them things they like or things that we know will suit them.

Q: You have a nice relationship. Well then, there’s is another line in the song about sending mails. Do you have stamps/stickers that you frequently use in your mails?
Key: You’ve been enumerating a lot of the lines that I sing in the song… (LOL). I’m sorry, that’s out of topic.

Q: No, not at all.
Minho: I use SHINee’s stamps/stickers!

Q: Do you have a lot of (stickers) with your images?
Minho: Yes, that way I can send my emotions directly.
Onew: From the start, I seldom use mails. Sometimes I use it to send mail to my mother. That’s why I also don’t have a stamp or character I often use.

Q: Do you send mails to the other members or have a group chat with the members?
Onew: Not really.
Key: Since we’re always together, it didn’t seem essential for us to have a mail group. If there is something we want to say we just discuss it directly with each other.

Q: Then lastly, please tell us about what you’re enthusiastic about in your dome concerts.
Minho: Last year, we went to the dome for the first time and witnessed our fanlight’s color filling up the venue. At first, it was an unbelievable feeling, but it wasn’t a dream but a reality. We were really moved, and even now that moment, that view is something that is etched within us. This time, we’ll be performing two times in Tokyo Dome and we even performed in Kyocera Dome in Osaka, too. So we’d like to show everyone who will come to see us an even better performance. We’d like to create new SHINee memories with everyone!


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