poet | artist – totebag


price: 10 USD

material: canvas

dimention: 30 x 30 (cm)

art based on poet | artist album’s photo

preorder start 2/22 ~ 3/7 @ 23:59 KST

mention withloveshinee on twitter if interested!


artist of life | jonghyun | enamel pin




promo rev


price: 8 USD

1 set include:  enamel pin + 2 stickers + 2 polaroids

enamel pin size: diameter 4,4 cm

pre-order: 2/2 ~ 2/20

shipping: mid march

price exclude EMS

payment via bank transfer or western union

individual order please fill order form, click here.

group order manager please DM @withloveshinee !


thankyou! ❤


~** preview **~




~** sample product **~

enamel pin

[ SALE // replica ] SHINee Tokyo Dome Backpack “I’m Your Boy”


[ SALE // NEW // READY ]
~** SHINee Tokyo Dome Backpack **~
It is sold when SHINee held a first concert at Tokyo Dome
Price: 150,000 IDR

!! 120,000 IDR !!
Size: 42cm x 35cm x 15cm
Had laptop slot for 14″ inside
Materials: Dolby -seems like premium polyester fabric usely for backpack or laptop bag. Had a wrinkle free texture, thick, waterproof, and tear-resistant.


mention withloveshinee at twitter!


// click photo for detail //



[ SALE ] SHINee Goods

Hi, pals! withloveshinee is here!

And this post is dedicated to my goodies, so please give a lot of love!! <3<3

I’m selling pin/badge/button with SHINee’s chara or emoji printed on it and Everybody key-chain, more info:





// material //

  • big pin/badge/button: doff (matte) finishing
  • mini pin/badge/button: glossy finishing
  • key-chain: acrylic

// size //

  • big pin/badge/button: 5.8 cm
  • mini pin/badge/button: 3.2 cm
  • key-chain: 5.5 cm x 2.5 cm

// price //

  • big pin/badge/button: 40rb/set — 5 USD/set (mint ver. or colored ver.)
  • mini pin/badge/button: 20rb/set — 3 USD/set (mint ver. or colored ver.)
  • EVB key-chain: 10rb — 2 USD (you can choose the member)

// interested? fill the form below //

order form

// any question? //

mention to @withloveshinee on twitter!



[ SALE ] SHINee Pin Chara 2.0


[ SALE ] SHINee Pin Chara 2.0 👾

Self designed, obviously anti mainstream and it is SO Shawol!🙌🏻
Aku bikin design-nya sendiri yang pastinya ini anti-mainstream dan Shawol banget deh!🙌🏻
1 set got 5 pins, it is contains each members emoticon/character. Definitely, the cutest!😍
1 set dapet 5 pin, masing-masing menggambarkan emoticon/character tiap member. Pastinya lucu banget!😍
💰Price: 5 USD / set.
💰Harga: 40,000/set.
Contact me if interested! 😁😁 — withloveshinee on twitter.


Contact me if interested! 😁😁 — withloveshinee on twitter.withloveshinee

SHINee Concerts Names


the names of SHINee Concerts, the ones themselves named:

SWC1 – 떡국콘 (Tteokgukcon)

Tteokguk means rice cake soup. It is a Korean traditional dish for the new year. The nickname was created because SWC1 took place on Jan 1st 2011!

SWC2 – 해부콘 (Haebucon)

Haebu means an autopsy. SHINee said they wanted to show everything about themselves at the concert so much as if it’s an autopsy lol

SMTOWN Week The Wizard – 싸우나콘 (Sauna Con)

I believe the name originated from the concert being so hot that it felt like a sauna.

SWC3 – 팝콘 (Popcon)

Taemin said the concert is bouncy like a popcorn so he named it popcon.

SWC4 – 꼭갈콘 (Kkokgalcon)

Kkolgalcon is an abbreviation for the phrase ‘A concert you must go to’. Taemin named this too!

SWC5 – 선녀와나무콘 (Seonnyeo wa Namucon)

The literal translation of this would be The fairy and the Tree Concert. The name originates from a Korean folktale called The Fairy and The Woodcutter. Taemin said the fans are fairies and SHINee is the tree that protects the fairies ^^


cr: thatcoolcatmeow [x] [xx]

onho fic archive


Hello! This is my ONHO fic archive. Instead of recomendation, I would like just to archive them in one place so I can look back and re-read them. But it’s okay if you want to read them all too! All thanks and respect give to all these awesome authors who make all this fic! ❤❤

ps: all fics is not mine! all credit and work all goes to the authors. i just compile fic that i like in one place.

❤ = fav ;-;

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